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Anonymous asked:

Gossip girl


also cheating because I watched a season

but the humphreys arrive at the upper east side and go to this fancy school where dan meets serena van der woodsen whose mum was in a relationship with his dad. Serena has a bff who’s kind of not her bff? Her name is blair waldorf and she has a thing with a dude called chuck, who’s uber rich. But they never really have a relationship, I think. Then there’s the girl who’s dan’s friend, who works as a waitress and doesn’t go to the fancypants shool, and nate, (what does nate do???? who knows. He handsomes around the place.) also there’s this magic presence who’s called gossip girl who apparently knows aLL THE PHONE NUMBERS OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL and sends gossip to them. It’s kristen bell’s voice. At the end of the show we find out it’s dan. 

he handsomes around the place

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